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ZIMO Decoder: Today's vote in the European Parliament's



Today's vote in the European Parliament's


‚Äč"Today's vote in the European Parliament's Transport Commission could have been an opportunity to show that we are on the side of European hauliers, putting an end to unfair competition. Unfortunately, the agreement was only reached on one of the three legislative proposals of the Mobility Package. The proposals we had presented and that would have better protected the social rights of drivers and the fair competition of road transport companies did not pass by just three votes. This was declared by the MEP of the 5-Star Movement Rosa D'Amato.

"Among the approved proposals some concern cabotage limited to 3 consecutive days, after which the vehicles will have to leave the host country. The next meeting of the coordinators of the Commission, a body in which the 5 Star Movement is present, is the last hope to approve a provision that really defends Italian companies and workers ", concludes D'Amato.

Making Europe ever more accessible to citizens, allowing us to discover what the EU has done or is planning to do to improve the daily life of Europeans. This is why the new app of the EU Parliament is born, also in view of the May vote for the Europeans, which will be available in twenty-four languages. Users will be able to check the results of EU activities, discover future objectives and learn more about the work of the European Parliament.

The new application, which can be downloaded for free by everyone via Apple store or Google play, can be customized according to the interests of users. Information on local and national initiatives on Europe will be available and multimedia content such as videos and podcasts will be accessible, with unrestricted access to the data on the Parliament portal "What Europe does for me" which shows the impact of EU initiatives in the territories.

"With the journey of Di Maio and Di Battista to Strasbourg, the resumption of the trampled citizens of a European Union that has so far given too much power to lobbies, bureaucrats and bankers begins." This was declared by the 5-star MEP Laura Agea "In these years of work in the European Parliament, we have seen that Italy is party-led and treated as a country of Serie B - he continues -. With the 5 Star Movement this hypocritical Union of injustices comes to an end.

With Di Maio and Di Battista we will change Europe to give it back to the citizens ".




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