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"With Di Maio and Di Battista in Strasbourg we bring to the heart of Europe the demands of the citizens abandoned by the parties: more money for investments, more work and less bureaucracy". This was declared by M5S MEP Ignazio Corrao "The maneuver of the people is the demonstration that the Europe of change is getting closer, we respect the commitments made with the citizens such as the income of citizenship and the overcoming of the Fornero - he continues -.

Furthermore, the change is seen in the 100% use of European regional development funds, which had to be reported by 2018. Minister Barbara Lezzi has done a great job and we do not waste a single euro of the funds made available to modernize the small infrastructures that serve citizens every day and renovate public buildings " If the date of Brexit is postponed, the sovereign and Eurosceptic forces will be stronger in the next Eurocamera. It is what merge from a screening of the Votewatch study center, announced in view of the vote of the House of Commons on the Brexit agreement.

If tomorrow the British deputies were to reject the agreement reached by Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels, the scenario could be opened for the extension of the United Kingdom's permanence in the EU, with the consequent participation of the British in the May vote for the Europeans. In this case it would be the European People's Party (EPP) to suffer the most, with "a significant reduction in the gap with the other groups", notes Votewatch. The three moderate pro-EU forces of the European Parliament - the EPP, the S&D group and the Liberals of the ALDE - would lose together about 2% of the seats. To take advantage of a possible British vote would instead the sovereign and Euro-skeptical forces - the Conservatories Ecr, the Enf group, the Efdd - whose seats would increase by 3%. The three groups of the European Parliament in which the British MEPs are most present are the Conservatories Ecr (the Tory), the S&D group (the Labor) and the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group (Ukip).

"Exactly a month ago Antonio Megalizzi, a victim along with his friend and colleague Barto Pedro Orent-Niedzielski, of a bloody and unacceptable fanaticism, passed away. Their commitment and their enthusiasm cannot and must not be forgotten. For this reason, during today's meeting of the Bureau of the European Parliament, I intend to propose the establishment of a scholarship for young European journalists, financed by the Parliament itself and named for both victims, that to journalism and the passion for European politics had consecrated their lives ". This was declared by the vice-president of the European Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo (M5S).

"With this initiative we would like to allow the values ​​and the passion of these children, almost my peers, to continue to walk on the legs of other young European journalists.

We trust in the broad support of all Members and groups in the European Parliament - he continues -. With this small gesture we want to be even closer to the families of the victims on this sad occasion, reaffirming that reason and the rule of law in Europe are not and will never be defeated by violence and extremism ".




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