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all decoder related issues like programming, CV meaning, comparisations to other verndor's products
Started: 9/13/2013 11:53 AM
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Adaptor board for Zimo MX648 sound decoder


my name is Josef and I live in Australia. I would like to use the Zimo MX648 sound decoder for my project - adding sound to Fleischmann N steam locomotives.

Because of very little space in the locos I have decided to place the decoders and speakers in a separate closed wagon. I have done one loco like that with CT SL76 and it works nice. The sound from the mini sugar cube speaker is good and has plenty of volume.

I want to switch to Zimo MX648P16 because Zimo provides excellent documentation, and seems to have more features for tuning motor control and sound. Also, and this is the main reason, the Plux16 interface includes connections for a "stay-alive" capacitor (ground and positive after rectifier). The SL76, as far as I know, only has solder pads for this purpose. They are micro pads, and require very high skills and professional equipment to solder a wire to them. I destroyed one SL76 already, and have no intentions to cook more.

I am now looking for a suitable adaptor or wire harness for the Plux16 male header, so I can solder to it with my limited soldering skills and equipment.

Zimo produce adaptors for Plux16 decoders, but strangely, they are not suitable for the MX648.

I am currently considering a 2x8 or 2x10 pin header (1.27mm pitch) surface soldered to a little pcb converter from ebay -

Will this work?   Are there other possibilities ??

Any help will be appreciated.