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Started: 10/2/2012 5:43 PM
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Zimo adapter boards and buffer condensators: 16 or 25 Volts?

Good evening.

I would like to ask why Zimo has put 16 V buffer capacitors to their new adapter boards.

Calculatng the capacitor tollerance (10-20%), I always use a Condensator of 25V and I ajust the voltage 

to MX31ZL at 20 Volts around.

If 16 V condensators are used, calculating even the smallest tollerance of 10%, I deduce that the voltage

must be lowered to 14 V around. I would say to low for a modern motor. Or Zimo uses another "trick"?

In any case, the 16 V can be replaced with 25 V capacitors?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: 10/8/2012 3:50 PM
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It is my understanding (although not clearly printed), that decoders with built-in energy storage have internal voltage regulation.  You are limited to 16V capacitors and a total of 5000uf.  For decoders without built-in energy storage, 25V capacitors are used, but also you need to build the circuit with extra components as specified in manual.  Exceptions to these rules are the MTC types that you direct connect 25V or even 35V (for AC).