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General ZIMO related discussions which are not covered in one of the other sections
Started: 12/27/2018 2:23 PM
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Essay Writing Service Review

it is not plagiarism to simply use the sources on a Wikipedia page. However if the purpose of the assignment is for you to find and use articles that you found yourself, I am not going to give you credit.

While plagiarism is the concept of taking someone else's work and using it as your own, simply using the same sources wouldn't count. However, it would be plagiarism to use the information from Wikipedia, slightly change the wording, and cite the information using those sources which you clearly didn't read.,-dass-es-fuer-Spanier-in-Koeln-einen-ganz-besonderen-Ort-gibt.html&serendipity[csuccess]=true#feedback

​One of my professors used that too, it just checks for word for word plagiarism it doesn’t really check the context and veracity of your sources. Just write in your own words and you’ll be fine. He would give us copies of the reports and I would always have close to 0% plagiarism and really the only things flagged were the in text citations themselves.